Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Joyful Sadness!

So again, as often I do in the evening when I don't have to go or be anywhere (which I love, BTW), I find myself a tad teary.  Now I don't want anyone to go worrying that I'm sitting here being all depressed or sad.  I'm not!  I think I sometimes get teary from being so happy.  It's usually after a busy day volunteering somewhere wonderful (ACH or UAMS or wherever) when I've encountered amazingly strong and loving people or precious babies.  I come home, have a glass of wine (or two) and enjoy the fact that at least two (and usually four) dogs are playing with each other or adapting to each other or even a little snarky with each other (as this rarely lasts).  The nights that it's cool enough to sit out on the deck, I will admit that a few kinda sad tears are for Randy, as that was one of our favorite things to do - usually with music playing in the background.  He was better at putting CDs in the player than I am, so usually now it's just quiet (except for the dogs panting!).

I don't understand this "joyful sadness" phenomenon but I feel like it's a good expression for me and one for which I am grateful.  It may be heightened by things I read on Facebook when I get home - again, usually good things, whether joyful moments for friends or one of my foster dogs and his great furever family being on vacation together in Maine or people in general being loving and nice to each other.  I try not to let the hateful, negative junk bother me - I either click in the upper right corner to say I don't like this post (and go from there) or if I'm feeling particularly loving, say a prayer for the person who posted it.  I wish I could say I did the latter more often.  I do fairly well to not turn on the TV, as the political ads make me to want to throw something at my TV - I so wish politicians and would-be politicians could not advertise on TV.  Think how much less money they'd need to raise?  That money could go to some so much worthwhile use.... like ACH or UAMS or even dog rescue!  Anything would be so much better than 30-second sounds bites of political lies/hate/untrue (or even true) accusations.  Does anyone actually use the information from these to decide how to vote?  I certainly hope not!

So, tonight, as sweet Luna lies on my lap (all 70 lbs of her) and Ellie Rose and Lucy sleep close on the floor (and the Parvo exposed pups sleep in the back bathroom), all is right with the world and I am thankful.  It may want me to shed a tear or two, but that is A-OK with me!

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