Monday, July 1, 2013

Teary, but grateful...

Not sure why, but feeling pretty weepy tonight.  Part of it may be the new foster dog - Dumas.

He looks so much like Sophie, with a little blockier head, of course, since he is a boy, and a few white spots.  What a sweetheart he is. That's all I can figure, as it's been an otherwise good day, as most of my days are, thank God!  Cannot believe anyone left this gorgeous boy at a shelter.  Again, maybe that's a reason for the tears.  I am generally pretty positive about things, but the way people treat animals really gets me down at times....especially when one of them looks so much like my sweet Sophie girl.

All the other dogs are adjusting to Dumas.  Clover, the white pit mix foster loves him, but she leaves on Thursday.  Ellie Rose adores him and Lucy....well, Lucy is adapting and will love him in a day or two!

Of course I know that there is great mistreatment of many people in this world - babies, children, old folks and anyone who is "different" or cannot defend themselves.  It is all sad.  But I tend to concentrate on the positive most of the time.  Then sometimes it gets in my face and I just can't.  Or it stirs up those wonderful old memories buried in my heart.

So, tomorrow will be better.  Dumas will bring so much joy to us over the next month and I will be so in love that giving him up will be painful, but know it will be worth it for this great guy.  He is house broken and seems very well-behaved so far.  Who wouldn't want this guy in their lives?

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