Thursday, August 11, 2011


Are you looking for me here?
I think my heart has gone away
to the heavens with my love

You may see me here
But I’m not really here.
In my mind I’m already there.

When my soul mate left this earth
My spirit followed him
And that me has gone away

There is a new me I don’t really know
She cries when she doesn’t know why
And she feels so out of place

I am looking for me here
My heart knows it has to stay for now
Although for now won’t last

The old me and the new me
have to live in a kind of harmony,
As long as we are here, though not

But when we get there
To God’s new land of love
I know that Me will have no sadness

The love and the music and
jewels of so many crowns
will show the Me who can worship Him

August 11, 2011 - in memory of Randy

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