Thursday, July 28, 2011

Congress - elected officials or ego maniacs?

I cannot believe that the U.S. Congress does not understand the meaning of the word “compromise.” So many of them (Republicans AND Democrats) are acting like spoiled children, demanding they get everything they want with no concession. Can’t we all give a little bit, in the best interest of our country? Is it all about individual egos or re-election campaigns? If is it, then these current congress people should all be voted out and just come home, as they don’t understand they are there for the benefit of the country (and their constituents) and NOT for their own personal interest.

I am so very frustrated by this entire process – I try not to pay much attention, as it just infuriates me every time I hear someone talk about how they won’t compromise (I don’t think the Tea Party is an accurate name – there’s nothing party-like about these people!). I’m thinking our founding fathers are probably swirling in their graves these days.

I’m still hoping and praying this will be settled, but I’m not hopeful about the next issue to be debated. I don’t ever remember such division or lack of unity among our leaders. I’m not sure if it’s an Obama-hate thing (I wouldn’t think so, because I know a lot of people intensely disliked George W) or what, but I, for one, am sickened by it. It seems like every time one of them speaks, all you can hear is a massive ego and a lot of hate speaking. What happened to the “United” in USA?

I certainly don’t have the answers. I am not a politician and wasn’t even very good at handling politics in the corporate world, much less at this level. All I know is that as an ordinary citizen, I am very concerned about our congressional leaders and their lack of ability to compromise. You may be one who blames Obama for this (I don’t, but I admit, I’m prejudiced – I like him and think he is trying to lead a compromise), but one person cannot possibly be responsible for hundreds of congressmen/women acting like idiots. And if they are acting like this just in the hopes of keeping him from being re-elected, then shame on them. If they’re willing to let our country and all of its citizens suffer just for that, then they don’t understand much about patriotism. Maybe we should let our returning veterans start making these decisions? I think they could probably figure out how to get along with people who aren’t shooting at them!

I know God has everything under control, but sometimes when I listen to the news, I get overwhelmed by the negative. I said earlier I can’t stand to watch or read much about this, because I get so angry and that’s not a pretty sight. I guess I can join many other people in saying God Bless America…. however, I’m also a believer in the statement that God helps those who help themselves (i.e., who don't act completely for their own selfish, ego-maniacal interests).

Congress, are you listening?

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