Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting healthier

What is the deal with your friends when you try to get healthy? Do they purposely try to derail your eating with their delicious food or by suggesting a Mexican restaurant where the Margaritas are to-die-for? Does an evil laugh come out spontaneously while they are cooking or enticing you with their icy green drink? I told my friend Julie that she was truly evil as she displayed her homemade (crust and all) lemon and coconut pies as dessert for our dinner the other night. While I did okay on the wonderful dinner (yes I ate too much) of steak, salad and veggies (except for the chocolate wine, but that was the evil neighbor Nancy's fault), I once again realized how our social lives revolve around eating and drinking.

This picture is not me - I borrowed this picture from another blog I read! But it made me glad I am trying to lose some weight and get healthier, because I could see myself going there some day otherwise! I'm not sure how they got this person to pose in a two-piece swimsuit - I hardly even cooperate for fully clothed shots and I'm a few pounds lighter than this gal.

I had one friend on the UAMS diet who said her counselor told her that if all her friends wanted her to eat and drink, she should find new friends! That seems a bit drastic to me. However, I don't think that's common advice from the UAMS folks, because I have other friends on that diet who aren't trying to dump me (yet). But it is harder to face all the social situations and be trying to watch what you eat or drink (or not watch, because you are not eating or drinking!).

Thankfully, there are more and more restaurants with healthy options for someone like me who is trying to eat whole and organic, locally grown, non-processed foods, as much as possible. And, so far, my friends have tried to accommodate me when I show up at their house, by having some fruits and veggies for me. Right now I'm at my brother-in-law's home for a few days and he even bought sprouts, avocados, berries and organic yogurt, so I can make my morning shake! (I did bring some things with me - protein powder, Super 12 powder, raw milk butter and coconut oil - these things are too strange for most people to need a supply laid in). He loves to cook and put lots of veggies on the table along with meat, so even if they're not organic, I'm at least getting my veggies! I try not to be picky (let me just say - I have NEVER been a picky eater and that is part of the problem now!).

Not drinking alcohol is another social challenge. So, usually I try to have a glass of wine (no more than two) when I'm out with friends and make all the calories count for nutrition when I am at home. This seems to work well. I am much more tempted to drink when everyone else is and drinking a glass or two solves the craving without wasting too many calories (hopefully). Of course my weight loss has slowed down considerably....hmmm.

Whatever - I think I need to print this picture and not only post it on my frig at home, but take it when I'm eating out and lay it in my lap. I wonder just how many desserts and glasses of wine it took to get to this level? I feel for her and, like I said earlier, could see myself getting there before I finally started WORKING at this. And it is not only work - it is work when you're supposed to be socializing, which is harder than work when you're supposed to be working (or so I recall)! And even when you're with friends who are dieting, we're all eating differently - some eat no carbs, some are mostly on liquids, some just eat half of everything on their plates, etc. So none of us can enjoy the sour cream and guacamole laden enchiladas or the large frosted salt-rimmed glass with margaritas or the chips (more salt please) and salsa, SOMEBODY STOP ME HERE!! Whew, I got a bit carried away with this visual image - can you tell one of my big weaknesses might be Mexican food? I'm thinking the pictured gal probably really enjoyed her Mexican food as well!!

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  1. I found this picture mistakenly while searching for something else, but the woman pictured is trying to get up to 1,000 pounds. She has a website where people can pay to watch her eat junk food.
    Socializing is indeed a dilemna -- my whole social life revolves around potlucks or eating out, and spirits are usually involved. It sounds as if you are determined to stay healthy, which is a lot of the battle.