Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I'm inspired to start a blog. As many of you know, I've kept a sort-of-blog in CaringBridge for the past year, as I wrote about Randy's illness and death and my feelings and emotions and tried to show how much I appreciate all our friends and family have done for us. However, I have two friends, one I just met and one of a year or so, that have blogs and I so enjoy reading theirs that I'm going to try it as well. It's just barely a new year, if not a new decade (depending on your perspective), so that's another good reason to start now. I'm not sure what the subject will be, but definitely not always me, as that would get pretty boring - to write and to read! Besides, to go along with the title of Love and Laughter and More Good Stuff, I will have to write about friends and dogs and faith and all the things that have made the most difference in my journey so far.

This seems like a good time to start because I'm on a girls' beach vacation on Anna Maria Island in Florida. I've never been a huge fan of visiting Florida, but being here in January definitely makes it more attractive! Spending the days with a long-time friend and three new friends is just the whipped cream on the hot chocolate (because I'm not a coffee drinker and I don't put cream in/on my hot tea)!

I'm watching a beautiful sunset and listening to the surf at this moment. Taking it easy doesn't begin to describe the day so far. I had hot tea and Lemon Chiffon lite yogurt for breakfast, then studied my Beth Moore Daniel lesson, then took a turn to some of the shops here. Last night I was chillier than I prepared for, so I bought a sweatshirt jacket and a couple other things. Giovanni, the store owner, was quite captivated with travel companion Kathy, although she was huffy because he wasn't offering her a discount on the sundresses she tried on (Julie and I did get discounts on our non-sundress items)! We walked down to the historic bridge pier, which was a little exercise, but not as much as Curves. However, there is no Curves close, so I am more than content with some walking.

This afternoon I've read and Facebooked and talked and been generally content. It will only get better, as the sunset is beautiful over the water and dinner will be calling - somewhere delicious, I am sure. I am thankful to be here and know how much I am blessed.

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